The contest of baby yarns is starting .

  • 1. Step : You go to this link : and click your favourite yarn in this area . (You just share this items in this link )
  • 2 . Step : please check your status in this page , if you are not login with Facebook , please click login with Facebook .
  • 3. Step : when you login with Facebook , Find your favorite baby yarn and click the long bar just to the right of the photo to select your favorite yarn to share on your Facebook page.
Encourage your friends to “like” your post as winner will be selected by most “likes”.
Prize will be one package of winners choice of baby yarn ~ postage paid by factory.
**You can share one or more yarns. There is no limit .
**Dates eligible ~ March 4 through March 21 2015.
**Don't forget to tell your supporters to like your favourite yarn
You can check your status by going to Ice Yarns page. At top of page is your name. Click any sub category, or try using the like below. It should show your status.

Good luck for Ice Yarns Lovers