Reseller / Drop Shipping Program

Yarn Paradise with ICE Yarns is the world's biggest online yarn store. We carry more than 2500 types of yarn in more than 200 categories. Our yarns are sold all over the world online.
In our reseller program, you do not need to have any technical knowledge. You do not need to make any stock, you will be able to sell all of our inventory as yours with no start-up cost.  There is no risk! All you need to have is willingness to sell. Here is the basic steps of how the program works:
  • According to your technical knowledge, and selling preferences, you will be able to sell the items in any one or more ways below.
    • We give our inventory details, and technical data about our yarns including the photos for your pre-built website
    • We give a website with domain to your use, that includes all of our inventory, and updates automatically. The website can be in any currency, language and domain. You will will specify these.
    • You will be able to list items in any local or international auction websites.
    • You will be able to sell items locally in your area.
  • You can sell items in any price, there is no limitation.
  • Once you sell, you confirm the order, and we send the items to any address you will specify on behalf of you. Our shipping is very fast. Just 2-3 days express shipping in most countries. .
  • You earn money. That's it!
Please fill out the following to apply for reseller program. We will not share any of our data with anyone else.
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